Why does your business need an App?

The adoption of mobile devices is growing at a rapid pace. Studies show, within the next two years you may well see more people coming to your website on a phone or tablet instead of using a traditional computer, with a potential 1.82 billion mobile devices in use by the end of the year. By 2018, an estimated 780 million people will use only mobile devices, not owning a laptop or desktop computer.

Now this is the opportune moment to mobilize your business and start driving sales, deepening engagement, increasing brand loyalty with all that great features we offer:

  • Give customers multiple ways to reach you

  • Phone, website, email, and directions to your business.
  • Configurable forms that can send images, date, time, and GPS locations.
  • Make SMS messages which application users can send to contacts.

  • Current Event Calendars

  • Develop a calendar with event reminders.
  • Include all of your businesses events inside of your application. Keep customers informed on the go.

  • Communicate with Push notifications

  • Send messages to your app users whenever you'd like.
  • Accumulate Push Notifications (news).
  • Push notifications topics for your app users to follow.

  • Restaurant menu or Inventory lists

  • Integrate any sort of information you'd like about your business. Whether it's your food menu, products or services.

  • GPS Coupons enable electronic coupons

  • Location-based discounting system.
  • Mobile coupons for your customers to unlock by "checking in" at your business.

  • QR Coupons

  • Propel your discount sales by prompting users to scan QR codes at your points of sale.
  • Use QR enabled coupons for your clients to redeem at your business by scanning a specified QR code.

  • One touch calls

  • Give your customers one touch calling and SMS messaging from inside your app. No numbers to save or remember.

  • Loyalty Programs (no Card needed)

  • Reward customers for making purchases from the same vendor or company.
  • Loyalty programs may offer prizes, reward points, future discounts and other incentives designed to keep customers coming back and doing repeat business with you. They work on paper and work even better on a phone because it's one less piece of paper that isn't money in your wallet.

  • Social integration

  • Let your customers take your business viral with built in sharing capabilities over email, Facebook, SMS, and Twitter.
  • Integrating Twitter allows you to tweet right through your app.
  • Login into your Facebook via your app and share page content.
  • Link to your own YouTube channels and integrate YouTube videos inside your application.
  • Set up a fan wall for your customers to leave feedback on your business. Manage the comments online.
  • Integrate a restaurant reservation system into your mobile app for on the go restaurant reservations.
  • Share the application via email or Facebook in order to gain more views/downloads of the application from the App Stores.

  • Shopping cart

  • Looking to create a mobile store? Easily add and sell items through your mobile app via PayPal or Google Check Out.
  • Mobilize your sales with our fully customizable Shopping cart solution.

  • Mobile Analytics

Actionable app insights

  • Understand how many users download your app
  • Understand the times when people use your app
  • Understand which platform is most popular
  • Actionable insights into your app's activity

Keep track of purchases

  • Track dollars spent on items
  • Track dollars spent on food orders
  • Track appointments scheduled
  • Track consultations scheduled
  • Understand your app's ROI